Meet Amber Rose
Amber Rose is an accomplished French-Irish American model with an impressive portfolio featuring 22 publications in renowned international editorials, including Moevir, Malvie, StyleCruze, Elléments, Figgi, and many others.
From a young age, Amber exhibited a natural talent and passion for modeling, sketching fashion designs at six and confidently strutting down her home staircase as if it were a runway. Recognized for her photogenic qualities and inspired by America's Next Top Model, she embarked on a journey that was unmistakably her destined path.
Despite facing challenges such as her parents' divorce and subsequent court orders, Amber's resilient spirit propelled her into the world of modeling. Even when scouted while running errands, her protective father declined on her behalf. Undeterred by adversities, bullying in school, and parental resistance, Amber initiated her modeling career in Los Angeles at the age of 17.
Independently navigating the industry for nine years, Amber has emerged as a solo force, contributing to diverse campaigns, advertisements, and collaborations with globally recognized designers and brands. Her expertise spans various modeling categories, including Print, Commercial, Lifestyle, E-commerce, Bridal, Swimwear, Beauty, Fit & Showroom, and Parts modeling.
Amber Rose is not merely a model but a versatile professional, equally adept at being a commercial actress or a video vixen. Known for infusing each production with a unique and polished touch, she approaches every opportunity with enthusiasm, showcasing her adaptability as a chameleon—colorful, diverse, and capable of seamlessly blending into any scenario as needed.

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